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FOR THE HEALTH OF IT series was introduced to students at The Nest's 'Flight School – Year 2' in the year 2022. This series comprises four modules, each dedicated to a specific subject.


Module 1 is called ‘Change your mind, Change your world’ and delves into the following topics: We explore our approaches to addressing various challenges in our lives, whether they pertain to finances, relationships, emotions, physical health, behavior, or addictions. We examine why these methods often fail to provide long-lasting solutions. Frequently, the root cause lies in erroneous belief systems and our perspective on events, which shape our reactions. However, the adage "change your mind, change your world" holds true. We gain insights into the Amygdala, a small part of our brain known as 'the fear factory,' which continually evaluates life's situations and triggers fight or flight responses. Changing your mind, perspective, and beliefs requires practice. In this module, we begin to establish new neural pathways through the practice of different thought patterns. Once these pathways are established, they become automatic responses for your brain, replacing negative thinking patterns. Module 1 serves as a foundational teaching, setting the stage for the subsequent three sessions where you will work on reprogramming your internal mindset to achieve the healthy life and fulfilling relationships you've always desired.


Module 2, titled 'The X-Factor Questions,' offers a valuable starting point for those who often feel overwhelmed by the challenges in their lives, unsure of where to begin their self-improvement journey. In this module, we will delve into four essential aspects of life: Love, Safety, Success, and Goodness. By answering these questions thoughtfully, we can identify your critical areas and strengths. This questionnaire was collaboratively developed by Dr. Alex Loyd, a certified psychologist and the creator of 'The Healing Code,' along with his colleagues who share similar professional backgrounds.

Through this module, we aim to determine whether you find yourself in one of these states: 'Survival Mode,' 'Hanging On,' 'Managing,' 'Thriving,' or 'Experiencing a Wonderful Life.' We will also explore thought-provoking inquiries to uncover the underlying issues. Lastly, we will take steps to address these challenges. I will guide you in utilizing the 'Universal Healing Code' as taught by Dr. Loyd, empowering you to work on the areas highlighted during this exercise.


Module 3, titled Aiming for a balanced Life,' builds upon the foundation established in Module 2. Here, we delve deeper into nine crucial aspects of life that impact us all: Health, Finances, Success, Relationships, Community, Spirituality, Creativity, Sexuality, and Efficiency. Often, when we face challenges or circumstances, we find ourselves unable to see the broader perspective, making it difficult to identify solutions or positive aspects. Our attention becomes fixated on the problem, leading us into an emotional abyss and a relentless emotional rollercoaster.

However, in Module 3, our focus shifts deliberately towards uncovering the positive aspects within each of these life areas. We also take a closer look at areas that need improvement. I will equip you with tools to assess your emotional state in each area and create a strategic plan to address any issues. I will guide you in restoring balance to these areas by addressing the emotional stressors that may be present. These results are quantifiable, and you will be astonished at how swiftly healing can occur when you provide your body with the appropriate resources.


Module 4, titled 'Heal Your Heart, Heal Your Body,' marks the culmination of this series. In the preceding two modules, you've dedicated your efforts to addressing various aspects of your life that needed attention. Now, in this module, the focus shifts to your physical well-being. Astonishingly, a staggering 95-100% of all illnesses are rooted in stress or trauma. Your body serves as a storyteller, revealing the areas in your soul that require healing. The good news is that we possess the means to decipher the body's messages. Drawing inspiration from both the 9 major body systems and the 9 Fruit of the Spirit, as detailed in Galatians 5:22, I will guide you in understanding what your body is communicating. Furthermore, we will explore the origins of your ailments and delve into the sources of stress residing in your heart. I will equip you with the essential tools to initiate the healing process for your heart-related issues, ultimately prompting your body to align itself with the path to recovery. This process is both simple and profound, and it is entirely within your reach to commence the healing journey for your body and soul.


For The Health of It (4 Part Series)

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