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Module 4: Heal Your Heart, Heal Your Body


Heal Your Heart, Heal Your Body, marks the culmination of this series. In the preceding two modules, you've dedicated your efforts to addressing various aspects of your life that needed attention. Now, in this module, the focus shifts to your physical well-being. Astonishingly, a staggering 95-100% of all illnesses are rooted in stress or trauma. Your body serves as a storyteller, revealing the areas in your soul that require healing.


The good news is that we possess the means to decipher the body's messages. Drawing inspiration from both the 9 major body systems and the 9 Fruit of the Spirit, as detailed in Galatians 5:22, I will guide you in understanding what your body is communicating. Furthermore, we will explore the origins of your ailments and delve into the sources of stress residing in your heart.


I will equip you with the essential tools to initiate the healing process for your heart-related issues, ultimately prompting your body to align itself with the path to recovery. This process is both simple and profound, and it is entirely within your reach to commence the healing journey for your body and soul.


For the Health of it Series - Module 4: Heal Your Heart, Heal Your Body

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