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Deprogram Your Human Hard Drive

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I have 2 questions for you: 1) Why do you do what you do?   2) Why can you not stop destructive cycles and patterns - even though you know they are harmful to you and to others? All of us have a ‘human hard drive’ within us, that is loaded with data.  This data is comprised of: * generational memory:  Everything that your ancestors went through is programmed into your DNA as a ‘learning experience’.  Some of your responses or internal fears may be due to this programming. * things you have been taught:  we have all had teachers/parents/leaders who have taught us the things we believe today.  Some of those teachings may be flawed yet they are etched into our psyche and are responsible for our responses to various circumstances and events. * your life experience:  we have all been through pleasant and unpleasant experiences.  Many of our beliefs are connected to these learnings however, it is highly likely that our interpretation of events may be defective. We live our lives believing a lie and we repeat destructive patterns that cripple us in every area of life:  relationships, finances, health, mental health etc. trauma:  your cells hold onto destructive memory caused by trauma.  If these memory pictures remain unhealed, they continually trigger wrong responses and wreak havoc on your physical health. So, how do we even know where to start on this journey?  What do we need to do to heal and change this programming?  This workshop will answer those questions …  We will examine 9 fundamental areas of our everyday lives to determine the source of the programming.  We will pull out the secrets hidden by our subconscious and unconscious minds and bring them into the light for healing.  We will probe and find out where the stress lies on each memory and what your wrong beliefs are. You will discover what your internal environment is on a day to day basis.  But more than that, you will receive the tools to begin to deprogram the lies and reprogram truth and life into each area. These 4 hours will be intense, as we will be taking a deep dive into the things that have hindered you, shut you down, and kept you in a destructive rut.  We will be doing surgery on things that have remained untouched and undisturbed, possibly for many generations. But the freedom you will have as you put in the effort, will be well worth it.

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