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Samantha Mahoney, Certified:
Health Coach, Healing Code & VoiceBio Practitioner

Fall in love with taking care of yourself - body, soul & spirit

I am Samantha Mahoney and I am currently based in Ireland. I wear many hats:  I am a certified Health Coach; a certified Healing Code Practitioner; a VoiceBio Technician, a teacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; a mother; a wife; a business owner; an author; a student; a servant and so much more…

Like everyone else, I have a story to tell.  Oftentimes, when one faces a life-altering event, the end result is that one uses their pain, their process, their knowledge and their victories to help others going through the same thing.  

In this way, I am no different.  ‘Triune Wholeness’ was birthed out of my own process and journey and is specifically patterned after the keys that unlocked wellness in my own life.  I have not overcome all of my own health battles, but I am making great progress.  After all, that’s how you eat an elephant: one bite at a time.

I fully believe that Wellness encompasses more than having a healthy body. A healthy soul and spirit are just as important, as all three entities are tightly intertwined.  If you are unwell in one area, it will manifest in sickness in other areas.  My belief is that your body knows how to heal itself and can do so, given the right tools.  I will never be able to say: ‘I know it all’ and I will continue to learn for as long as I live - but I’m happy to share with you the tools that I’ve acquired through study and experience.

My Approach

“If you can change your mind … you can change your world!” 

As a Health Coach, my role is not to diagnose, treat, cure or offer you medical advice.  That is your doctor’s role.  I am however, equipped to poke holes in your belief system, expose mindsets that continually hold you captive in a prison cell, preventing you from moving forward and achieving your goals.  I will work with you to discover what you really want and then agree necessary steps to help you achieve that.  
“Prevention is cure”:  
Instead of waiting to see if you will be affected by sickness or disease one day, why not put all the preventative measures in place beforehand?  There are certain things, that if established, will make you thrive in areas of your spirit, soul and body.  We can talk about your fitness and nutrition goals; we can look at your emotional triggers; we can explore methods of meditation and breathing exercises.

Stress plays a major hand in sickness and disease.  I can assist you in identifying what those stressors are and together, we can work on bringing balance back into your Central Nervous System.


I am a firm believer in the power of prayer - which in essence, is the frequency of words connected to the Power Source who gives life, which effects your triune being.  
For those of you with the same approach, there are endless resources to share with you on bringing alignment and healing from a spiritual perspective.  


I tend to incline towards natural alternatives and am constantly sourcing products and health equipment that do not have harmful side-effects.  As I only hold a very small piece of the puzzle, I endeavour to partner with those who are like-minded, holding other keys.  
“You are unique!  Just like everybody else”:  
A ‘one size fits all’ approach does not work.  I see each individual as unique and as someone who needs a custom code, suitable just for them.  

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