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Amazing Webinar with Samantha Mahoney and Melissa Fisher. Hearing the words “fitness” … “workouts” … “gym” … “exercise” … often triggers one of two responses:


1. Unspeakable Joy - and our energy levels kick up a notch at the very prospect of working out;

2. Utter Despair – and we want to wash the person’s mouth out, who said those disgusting words.

No matter which category you find yourself in, consider this: Our bodies were made to move. Our bodies are programmed to gravitate towards life. Exercise is not just for fitness! Every system in your body benefits from it.


Melissa is the owner and founder of Mpire Fitness and the creator of the signature exercise method PURE BODY BURN.


She is a fitness trainer, life/wellness coach, and group class instructor from the United States - based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. For over 10 years, she has had the pleasure of training women and men of all ages and fitness levels, from dancers to athletes to people working out for the first time. For all, her goal is to bring health and wellness to the "whole person" and to promote longevity with health, energy, youthfulness and joy.


Some of the things we covered in our 1.5 hour Webinar:


* How our mindsets and beliefs play an important role in our fitness journey

* How fear blinds us to the simplicity of becoming and staying healthy

* Identify and learn about your body's "2 engines" and their role in promoting optimal metabolism, strength, stamina and endurance

* Expose the myths of menopause and how it is NOT too late to achieve great health

* How rest helps you get ripped

* Discovering your motivational "roots" and if they help or hinder your journey

* Discuss what happens when stress is allowed to live in your body

* Understanding the power of strong goals

* Immune boosting hacks

* How to see breathe as your greatest source of energy

* Practical exercise tips for all ages that fit your unique needs

* Exercising with a chronic disease, illness or injury

* How to enjoy life and have good nutrition

* When NOT to exercise and what you should do instead


This event was jam-packed with great information and practical application tools that you can use to ‘get moving’ and into the best shape of your life.

2. If you stop Moving you Die

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