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Module 2: The X factor Questions


The X-Factor Questions, offers a valuable starting point for those who often feel overwhelmed by the challenges in their lives, unsure of where to begin their self-improvement journey. In this module, we will delve into four essential aspects of life: Love, Safety, Success, and Goodness. By answering these questions thoughtfully, we can identify your critical areas and strengths. This questionnaire was collaboratively developed by Dr. Alex Loyd, a certified psychologist and the creator of 'The Healing Code,' along with his colleagues who share similar professional backgrounds.

Through this module, we aim to determine whether you find yourself in one of these states: 'Survival Mode,' 'Hanging On,' 'Managing,' 'Thriving,' or 'Experiencing a Wonderful Life.' We will also explore thought-provoking inquiries to uncover the underlying issues. Lastly, we will take steps to address these challenges. I will guide you in utilizing the 'Universal Healing Code' as taught by Dr. Loyd, empowering you to work on the areas highlighted during this exercise.

For the Health of it Series - Module 2: The X Factor Questions

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