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Module 1: Change your mind, Change your world


We delve into the following topics:


We explore our approaches to addressing various challenges in our lives, whether they pertain to finances, relationships, emotions, physical health, behavior, or addictions. We examine why these methods often fail to provide long-lasting solutions. Frequently, the root cause lies in erroneous belief systems and our perspective on events, which shape our reactions.


However, the adage "change your mind, change your world" holds true. We gain insights into the Amygdala, a small part of our brain known as 'the fear factory,' which continually evaluates life's situations and triggers fight or flight responses. Changing your mind, perspective, and beliefs requires practice. In this module, we begin to establish new neural pathways through the practice of different thought patterns.


Once these pathways are established, they become automatic responses for your brain, replacing negative thinking patterns. Module 1 serves as a foundational teaching, setting the stage for the subsequent three sessions where you will work on reprogramming your internal mindset to achieve the healthy life and fulfilling relationships you've always desired.

For the Health of it Series - Module 1: Change Your Mind, Change Your World

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