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Module 3: Aiming for a balanced Life


This module builds upon the foundation established in Module 2. Here, we delve deeper into nine crucial aspects of life that impact us all: Health, Finances, Success, Relationships, Community, Spirituality, Creativity, Sexuality, and Efficiency. Often, when we face challenges or circumstances, we find ourselves unable to see the broader perspective, making it difficult to identify solutions or positive aspects. Our attention becomes fixated on the problem, leading us into an emotional abyss and a relentless emotional rollercoaster.


However, in Module 3, our focus shifts deliberately towards uncovering the positive aspects within each of these life areas. We also take a closer look at areas that need improvement. I will equip you with tools to assess your emotional state in each area and create a strategic plan to address any issues. I will guide you in restoring balance to these areas by addressing the emotional stressors that may be present. These results are quantifiable, and you will be astonished at how swiftly healing can occur when you provide your body with the appropriate resources.

For the Health of it Series - Module 3: Aiming for a balanced Life

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