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Welcome to Triune Wholeness! i am Samantha Mahoney, a certified Health Coach, as well as a practitioner of Healing Codes and Voice Bio. Like many, I have a story to share. Often, when confronted with a transformative event, we channel our pain, experience, insights, and triumphs to assist others facing similar challenges. In that sense, I'm no exception. 'Triune Wholeness' emerged from my personal journey and is designed around the very principles that paved the way to my wellness. While I haven't conquered all my health challenges, I've made significant strides. As the saying goes, "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time."

Areas of Expertise

Life & Health Coaching, Healing Codes, VoiceBio, Mindfulness and Meditation

I firmly believe that wellness goes beyond just a healthy body. A nourished soul and spirit are equally vital, for these three entities are deeply interconnected. If there's an imbalance in one, it can manifest as ailments in the others. I hold the belief that your body inherently knows how to heal itself, and with the right tools, it can do so. I humbly acknowledge that I will never have all the answers, and my journey of learning will continue throughout my life. However, I am eager to share the tools and insights I have gathered through her studies and experiences.

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Stephen M

"I would recommend Samantha as a healing coach for sure. Samantha has a unique talent in making things very simple to understand including the science behind the codes. Samantha is also very easy to chat to as she makes you feel at ease with the process and is always available to answer any questions that arise"
Stone Tower

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