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So that you can help those in any kind of trouble

Do you know what my passion is? Do you know what motivates me every day? It is seeing people healed and walking in fullness in their Spirit, Soul and Body.

It’s funny how circumstances happen to us that change the course and direction of our lives.

If you had asked me 15 years ago, whether I could see myself working in this particular ‘Health’ field, my answer would have been a big fat: “NO”. My attitude in those days was that the ‘Organic Section’ in the Supermarkets and the ‘Cage-free/Grass-fed' meat options were merely money-making gimmicks, aimed at fools who think that paying more means getting better value. After all, isn’t food … food?

I have had many prophetic words over my life saying: “You have healing hands” / “God’s going to use you mightily in healing”, so I guess I have always been motivated towards healing. My expectation though of how it was going to look, was of a completely religious mindset. I mean, obviously if I have healing hands, I’d better get to the hospital and lay hands on sick people and watch them get healed. Right?? How else was it going to happen? So, I thought I’d better help God out and make sure that the prophetic word came to pass (as you do). But that experience left me bitterly disappointed in God. My expectations fell like a lead balloon and almost derailed me from this pathway of healing.

We lived in Ireland when I was in my twenties, and I went into one of the hospitals to ask permission to go and visit the patients. It was granted. I took a team of 4-6 people with me and we delivered my hand-made ‘get well’ cards to the patients. Most of them were on their death bed and allowed me visit with them and to pray for healing. An unexpected bonus was that there were over 50 salvations over the course of our visits.

I fully expected each patient to make a miraculous recovery – because after all … I had been given the mandate to move in the gift of healing. However, … sadly … every one of those patients I prayed for, died. I would go in on a Tuesday to pray for the sick and I went back on Thursdays to see what had transpired. As you can imagine, I was horrified to learn that they had passed away since I last saw them – just 2 days ago.

I’m not gonna lie: I had it out with God. I told him: ‘You have said through multiple people that you were going to use me in healing. I showed up to this party … and you did not’. I was disappointed, despondent, deflated and discouraged. I doubted the validity of the prophetic words - and I even questioned God’s interest in healing.

I travelled back to South Africa to visit my parents and I shared my heartbreak with my hero … my father. He’s a very wise and compassionate man that always has a word, in and out of season. He told me: ‘Samantha, put the healing expectation aside for a second and take a minute to examine what exactly did happen during your visits. Is it lost on you that there were 50 people on their deathbeds, who got saved? You went in with your team and led them into the Kingdom of God in the final moments of their lives. You have an 11:59 Ministry. At 1 minute to the midnight in their lives, when death would come knocking on their door, you lead them out of the kingdom of darkness, into the Kingdom of Light’. I was slightly encouraged, but still angry … because after all, that’s not why I went there. My expectation was that they would be healed; they would experience a miracle in their dire situation … and God didn’t do it. He didn’t show up! I felt like He let me and all of those people down. My faith and belief in healing, took a huge knock.

I will be transparent before you and acknowledge that I had a pity-party for myself. I’m embarrassed to admit that my stubborn nature almost disqualified me from being part of the most amazing healing ministry that I’m involved in today. And you know what? It doesn’t look anything like I previously imagined it would look like.

I want to interrupt the story here, to tell you that I have learned MUCH in the 23 years since this event: about mindsets, wrong beliefs, wrong expectations, my Scroll, and God’s way of doing things (although I'm always being challenged on what I think I know). I have been able to grow in maturity which has allowed me to see things from a higher perspective, rather than my own limiting, entitled, dumbed-down way of thinking.

You heard a lot of “I” in the story above, when in fact, it has NOTHING to do with me. I am merely a vessel that God could use IF he chose to. He’s God! Am I really that arrogant to think that He needs me for anything? He is more than able to sovereignly do anything He likes … all by Himself. But this is what humbles me: He does choose to use me – and I’ve come to understand, that almost every time, it looks different than what I anticipated it to look like.

As a Christian, I’ve had the mindset that I’m not supposed to have hard times in my life; that I’m entitled to be given everything I want; that everything should be easy. Get a life, chick! If Jesus learned obedience through His sufferings, what makes me think I won’t learn in the same manner?

It took a personal, earth-shattering event that turned my world upside down to turn me away from the egoistic, immature, small-minded way of understanding God, myself and negative things that happen in our lives.

I can clearly remember agreeing with the Scroll that God wrote for my life, many years ago. In fact, I did a prophetic action of eating my Scroll (just as various prophets in the Bible did, like Jeremiah, Ezekiel, John …), because we’ve all heard the phrase ‘you are what you eat’. I wanted that Scroll and God’s desires and plans for my life - to become enmeshed within me. I wanted my heart’s desires and passions to be aligned with His desires for me.

I ate that Scroll in faith, having no cooking clue what exactly I had just undertaken. I prayed ‘Lord, I give you permission to realign me with the Scroll if I am walking in the wrong direction. I ask that You would open every door that I am to walk through and close every door that I should stay away from. (Be careful what you pray for … cause you just might get it!)

I got diagnosed with a rare ‘incurable’ disease that affects 1 in 300 000 people, connected to the bone marrow and the blood platelet count – making me susceptible to blood clots. Being a rare disease, there aren’t many answers out there – especially along the lines of natural healing alternatives (which I’m also passionate about).

Am I saying that God gave me this disease? NO, not by any means. I have investigated extensively where disease comes from, from a scientific and Biblical viewpoint and there is MUCH to share on that topic – which I’ll save for another day – except to say that we are always so quick to blame God for our misfortunes, when many times, they may be the consequences of our own choices (again … a topic for another day).

I’m saying that our trials are not meant to crush and destroy us. Doesn't the Word say: 'And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose?'

Ponder this: At the same time as a problem presents itself, so does the answer. The question is, ‘where is our focus in such times?’ Is it on the problem or is it on the solution? The outcome will be based on where you set your attention and energy.

That event catapulted me onto the pathway that I am walking on today. We go through trials so that we can help those in ANY kind of trouble. Yes! You are supposed to use the hard stuff that you overcome, to help others. I had absolutely no control over my circumstances. I was travelling a road that is uncommon to the medical field who have little to no answers – other than chemotherapy for the rest of my life (and my personal choice was to decline this offer).

This ‘thorn in my side’ has forced me to rely completely on God and not on my own understanding; it’s pushed me to pursue His solution. On this journey I have found valuable keys that have enabled me to overcome my own hurdles, but more than that, to help others through their own struggles.

Do you want to know another secret? This might shock you to hear. I would not change anything. The learnings I have undergone have been worth the process I’ve had to walk through. Yes, I said 'walk through'. Don’t get stuck where you are when you go through a painful time, but learn from it and walk through it. 'For the joy set before you ... you endured [your] cross'.

One of the biggest keys which I will share with you today, is called ‘bloodline cleansing’. This specifically deals with the records stored in your DNA, by your ancestors. If you see repeating cycles playing out from one generation to another, like: addictions; various sins; poverty; untimely deaths, hereditary diseases etc., then it is a DNA issue.

There is a legal spiritual reason why these patterns are allowed to repeat from one generation to the next. Prov 26:2 says ‘Like a fluttering sparrow or a darting swallow, an undeserved curse does not come to rest .’ – meaning that a curse cannot land without a cause. If it has ‘landed’ in your life, then it has a right to. Gal 6:7-8 says: ‘Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life’.

If you want the patterns of the past to stop, you have to appropriate what the Blood of Jesus has has already paid in full for. You have to answer the spiritual accusations that are against your bloodline, through repentance. When you remove the legal right using the power of the Blood of Jesus, there is no choice but to see healing and deliverance in many areas that you were once prisoners in.

We have trained up 5 amazing teams to do individual bloodline sessions, working through the generational paperwork.

If you would like to take your first step towards dealing with your junk, then I invite you to contact them for more information, by clicking the button below.

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Stay in good health!

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